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Occasionally you may receive a new or updated license key that needs to be added to a running hlserver process.

[edit] Adding New Keys

If you're simply adding a new key to an existing product, then ...

HLServer v2 
Use the HLManager add command to append new keys to the keys file on the server.
HLServer v1 
Edit the keys file on the server and add the key string to the end of the file, then use the HLManager reload command to load up the new key.

If the new key is extending the duration of an old key, there is no need to delete the old one; the new key will over-ride the old one.

Image:warning.jpgIf you've run HLManager from an application licensing GUI, then you will need to quit and restart that licensing GUI for it to recognize the updated keys. Unfortunately clicking the Refresh button doesn't currently work, but it will do in the next release.

[edit] Adding New Products

Older floating license keys look like this ...

     <- 21 hex numbers ->    Product     Sysid    Expire Ref#   Num
#v2# 3a d6 ........ a9 42 #  uvlayoutv2  690ca1ab never  0920 [001 3]

The first word after the # character is the product name for that license.

More recent floating licenses look like this ...

# hlserver,uvlayoutv2 sysid=690ca1ab expire=071226 [000 4]
8MFP LCDY A0GZ 553N QQ6Z BLMB A1A6 GF1G # 6200
74QX SEPD GEC4 AK1W QJK8 3E5N 2LLF 345C JQX5 24SA # 6201

In this form there will be one or more products listed after hlserver.

You will need a PRODUCT line in your hlserver.conf file for each product covered by these license keys. For example, with both the old and new license formats above, this line will need to be added to the hlserver.conf file ...

PRODUCT uvlayoutv2 <access_list>

More information on the format of the hlserver.conf file can be found in Server Install: Configuration.

[edit] Reloading Files

Whenever you make a change to the keys file or hlserver.conf, you'll need to tell hlserver to reload these files. You can do this via the hlmanager "reload" command. More information on hlmanager can be found in The Manager.