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UVLayout v2.09.04 now available

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PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2016 2:10 am    Post subject: UVLayout v2.09.04 now available Reply with quote

Hello All,

UVLayout v2.09.04 is now available for all users from ...


A video demoing some of the new tools for Professional version users can be found here.

New tools added in this version:

- Box and Lock Overlapping : If you have overlapping shells that
you want to keep together during packing, then click this button
in the Pack panel and they will all be boxed and locked.
Professional version only.

Changes to existing tools:

- Local Scaling : Added buttons to local scale polys based on
distance to camera, facing angle to camera, and from grayscale
values in an image file. Professional version only.

- Maya Plugin : Added partial support for UV Sets; UVLayout
still only edits one set at a time, but from the plugin side
you can now select which UV set to send to UVLayout. Details at

- File dialogs : Added GUI preference to set number of rows shown
in lists.

- Pack : If "Don't Resize Shells" is ticked, then the pack tool
now does a quick size check on all shells. If any are too large,
then the packing aborts and the oversize shells are selected. These
shells could then be moved out of the way and locked before trying
the pack again.

- F Hotkey : Holding F over a shell now locks onto that shell, so
if during optimizing it happens to move from underneath the cursor,
that shell will still be flattened until the F key is released.

- C Hotkey : Double tap C to select an edge loop based entirely
on topology, not shape. You'd use this when wanting to select edge
loops on distorted geometry; it selects across all 4-way junctions,
and will stop as soon as it hits a Y fork or 5+-way junctions.

- D Hotkey : By default, all shells are stacked in the UV view
so that smaller ones appear over the top of larger ones where
they overlap. If you want to push any smaller shells under the
larger ones, you can now use the D hotkey to toggle them into a
lower stacking layer.

- OpenGL Preference : When UVLayout it first run, an automatic
calibration is now run to determine the best OpenGL setting.

Bugs fixed:

- Pack : If "Don't Resize Shells" was ticked, and any shells were
too large to fit in a tile, then the pack tool would take a long
time to work this out before returning an error.

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