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UVLayout v2.11.02 now available

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 8:45 pm    Post subject: UVLayout v2.11.02 now available Reply with quote

Hello All,

UVLayout v2.11.02 is now available for all users from ...


New tools added in this version:

- C Hotkey : New bold orange highlighting if a closed edge loop
is detected. This saves having to closely examine the tagged
edges before detaching that piece.

Changes to existing tools:

- Shift-C Hotkey : Improvements made to the edge loop following
code. Now finds more edges, more of the time, more accurately.

- UV View : Whenever switching to the UV view, the camera focuses
on any unflattened shells. These shells are now also grouped
together instead of strung out in a line.

- Pack : Now moves any unflattened shells off to the side of the
packed flattened shells. Also rotation testing, if enabled in the
Pack panel, is turned off for the ] hotkey initiated packing.

- Overlap : New option to also check for UV boundary crossings.

- F Hotkey : Now doesn't automatically also flatten the mirror
shell when symmetry editing. Using the S Hotkey is a better
workflow for dealing with mirror shells.

- Shift-F Hotkey : The initial flattening is now more accurate, but
you still should run an Optimize All afterwards for best quality.

- D Hotkey : Can now drop and flatten a tube shape with a tagged
split line (e.g. arm) without first having to open the split up.

- M Hotkey : Better handling of snapping when the edges of multiple
shells are tagged.

Bugs fixed:

- G Hotkey : Double-G wasn't filling anymore. Now it is again.

- Shift-M Hotkey : Now also aligns the mirror shell when symmetry

- Optimize : The Optimize All tool skipped all mirror shells when
symmetry editing, assuming that an S hotkey would follow.

- Edit : The Untag Edges tool untagged all edges, not just those
currently visible.

- C Hotkey : Cuts adjacent to very long edges were opening
too wide.

- Shift-C Hotkey : The edge loop following extended into hidden

- Render : Incorrect for any polys crossing the UV boundary.

- Pack : Very slow if packing a small number of symmetrical shells.

- Segment : Used the current Pack settings, which if set to high
quality, could significantly slow down the segmenting. Now faster
preview quality pack settings are used, and shells can always be
repacked later at higher settings if desired.

- Shift-D Hotkey : Would weld shells back together, instead of
just undropping them, when symmetry editing.

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