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UVLayout v2.11.00 now available

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:12 pm    Post subject: UVLayout v2.11.00 now available Reply with quote

Hello All,

UVLayout v2.11.00 is now available for all users from ...


New tools added in this version:

- Hotkeys : A new panel containing toggle buttons for the main
keyboard hotkeys. Enable one of these hotkey buttons, and you can
then use the right mouse button to apply it at the mouse pointer
location. For people who prefer to just use a mouse.

Changes to existing tools:

- Move/Scale/Rotate : Green Balance tool now available in the
Hobbyist and Student versions.

- Display : Added an option to sync the Ed and 3D views, and
another to fade out and hide the wire lines for very short edges.

- Edit : Added a Pick Safety preference, which is the number
of pixels from a vertex before an edge becomes selectable.
Faster display of C key edge tagging on dense meshes, which also
fixes a bug where double tap C didn't always work on dense meshes.

- G hotkey marking : Double tap G or Ctrl-G will now unfill if
applied over an already filled area. The G hotkey menu will now
appear when the mouse pointer is over geometry. The G hotkey
painting now uses the general brush size (adjust with - and =)
for marking polys. Speed improvements to the G hotkey painting,
especially for dense meshes and on OS X.

- Shift-F hotkey : If applied to multiple shells with the box
select, you can now abort the processing by holding the Esc key.

- Pack : Now supports the Allow Wrapping option for multi-tile
layouts. Also replaced the 10 degree Rotate option with a much
finer 2 degree search.

- OBJ Import : If the OBJ doesn't load because of broken topology
(e.g. non-manifold edges), the Clean option is automatically
selected and the file reloaded.

Bugs fixed:

- Pack : The Bleed setting wasn't being applied correctly to
shells inside boxes. The Trace Mask was being ignored when shells
were packed with Rotate turned on. Many of the pack options worked
fine in isolation, but not when combined (e.g. Pack Selected Only
with Allow Wrapping).

- Repaint : Stopped working completely, but now fixed.

- Groups : Crashed when boxing and packing multiple groups at once.
Assigning polys to groups was slow on dense meshes.

- OBJ Import : Loaded topology was broken if any UVs in the OBJ
were shared across more than one geometry vertex. If Weld UVs
was selected, unflattened polys were being deleted.

- Auto Save Preference : Even if the loaded mesh hadn't been
changed in any way (e.g. just to view it), an autosave file was
being created.

- Edit : There was no undo for the Untag Edges action, plus it
didn't untag edges marked for welding.

- Hide : There was no undo for any of the shell hide operations.

- Maya Plugin : Wrapper script broken under Linux.

- Windows : Application pinned to taskbar didn't relaunch.


- Licensing GUI : Added a "Build Status Report" button to help
with local and floating license debugging.

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