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Do you have any plans to add in a fully automated unWrap?

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 5:13 pm    Post subject: Do you have any plans to add in a fully automated unWrap? Reply with quote

Hi there... I have been using UVunwrap for years now.. I absolutely love it, even though I use it for about 1/20th of its actual potential. I'm just a hobby guy that makes mods for games like Skyrim or TTS.

When I first started using 3D Apps 3dsMax was a dos application! My point here is that things have drastically changed over the years and while I believe that proper and robust layout system is absolutely necessary for many pipeline procedures the invention and continual improvement of 3D painting apps like Substance Painter and others means that human readable bitMaps are not as important for some tasks. As the artist simply never even looks at them, they just paint directly onto the mesh itself.

Now I stress, I think that there will always be a need for manual UVs that uvLayout produces... but I also think that this new "automated" kind of UV mapping is only going to get more popular.

I'm not a UVExpert (that is why I bought this app!) but something that splits the pollys into almost polly , per polly UV space would actually work. I think. All you need to do is have the user input the real world pixle dimensions of the UV Space so the app makes sure that no seem is ever in a situation where it is split over a single pixel. The no matter how crazy the map looks, it still paints perfectly in a 3D painting app.

Again, I am not an expert.. there is probably a lot wrong with that paragraph above. Still I think my point could be valid. As in if all the UV space needs to do is make it so its use in a 3D painting app would allow brush strokes to look smooth.... Even a large majority of specialty maps like Normal or Metallic and stuff are generated in the 3D program off the original UVs.. so again.. these do not need to specifically require human readability.

I was reading a blog called "<<Links blocked until user has been cleared>>"

TL;DR - Are there plans for UVunwrap to start looking into 100% Automated UVMap generation designed to be used in 3D Painting Programs, which can create warpless UVMaps that may be unreadable by humans?
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