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UVLayout v2.11.03 now available

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2021 7:54 pm    Post subject: UVLayout v2.11.03 now available Reply with quote

Hello All,

UVLayout v2.11.03 is now available for all users from ...


New tools added in this version:

- Snap : New 'Snap Shells' tool to snap selected shells over
similarly shaped shells, plus then a 'Boundary Pts' button to
snap and pin the boundary points.

Changes to existing tools:

- Shift-W Hotkey : Now only extends to edges paired with the same
shell as the tagged edge.

- Segment : Added Tag Edges, which allows you to tag edges for
cutting depending on the angle between polygons.

- Layers : Ctrl-LMB click the layer count button to toggle a row
showing the number of UV coordinates (vertexes) and polygons in
that layer.

- Pack : Added choice for bleed amount to be pixels or real world
units. For pattern making applications.

- Render : Added an option to output a mask for the bleed offsets.

- Repaint : Added dropdown to select between black, grey, white
and green background fill. Bleed value now also controlled by
the Pack bleed setting.

- Render/Repaint : Added option to set image resolution to a DPI
value based on real world units; for pattern making applications.
Also added a Stop button to abort the render/repaint before
it completes.

- Move/Scale/Rotate : Added button to move selected shells to
the center of their tile. Plus the Fit To Sqr tool will now only
modify selected shells if any are picked.

- Space Hotkey : If multiple shells are picked, you can now hold
down Alt if you want to move/rotate/scale just a single shell.

- M Hotkey : Added an option in Edit Settings to swap the actions
of M and Shift-M. Also can now snap shells together even if no
weld edges are tagged by using the M hotkey over a boundary edge.

- Edit Colors Preference : Added one for wrapped shells, and
another for the bleed offsets. Also added the ability to set the
colors with RGB values.

- GUI : Can now move the main GUI window with a MMB click'n'drag
of the "About UVLayout" button.

- GUI : Linux - Bigger GUI preference for high resolution displays.

Bugs fixed:

- Udim Names : The Udim names were incorrect, starting at 0001
and only 1 wide, instead of 1001 and 10 wide.

- Pack : Fixed slow packing with locked boxes.

- Layers : Picking ignored which layer was active and how they
were stacked. Now points/edges are picked first from the active
layer, and then from layers top to bottom.

- Layers : If anything other than the top layer was active, shells
couldn't be dropped in the Ed view. Now any layer can be active,
and shells are dropped into that layer.

- Layers : Pinned points were visible despite layers being hidden.

- Render : Alpha option did nothing if AA lines were turned
on. Also rendered images were saved to the start-up folder if
UVLayout was run and then meshes loaded, as opposed to launching
by drag'n'drop. Also all images in the folder were viewed once
the render was complete, instead of just the rendered images
(Windows only).

- Repaint : Broken if a shell crossed a UV tile boundary.

- Render/Repaint : Saved tile filenames ignored the Display
Udim settings.

- Display : If the Ed and 3D view sync was turned on, this was
broken if multiple view panes were open and one was the UV view.
Also if Xray mode was turned on, the shell shading disappeared
when moving shells about, sometimes making them hard to see if
short edges were also faded out.

- Edge Picking : Hard to pick edges on high resolution monitors
due to a fixed 10 pixel wide picking region. The picking offsets
can now be adjusted under the Edit Preferences.

- Shell Icons : Such as lock, and tile pin etc. Icons displayed
over the center of the shell bounding box, which wasn't actually
over the shell geometry for some shapes.

- Move/Scale/Rotate : If "Set Size" made too small, the graphics
window would lock-up while drawing the large number of UV
tiles. Now size limited by the Load "Max Tiles" preference.

- EPS Export : Bounding box was set to the unit tile, so any
shells in other tiles were being clipped off.

- OBJ Export : UVs not correctly exported for shells that were
only R hotkey "rectangle" flattened. Plugin Send also affected.

- Load Weld Geom Vertexes option : Now doesn't also triangulate
the mesh.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2021 1:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello, I'm relatively new when it comes to UV Mapping. I currently use NewTeks LW 2020 for modeling but don't really care for their UV mapper. I wanted to know if there are any known compatibility issues with MacBook Pro's running OS X Catalina (ver 10.15.7).

I've downloaded the hobbyist trial version today and also wanted to know if this trial version I just downloaded is the same version as UVLayout v2.11.03?


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Site Admin

Posts: 2889
Joined: 24 Mar 2005
Location: Perth, Australia

PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2021 7:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Demo/Trial version is the same as the v2.11.04 beta release, which you'll be able to access from your account's Support Extras page when you purchase a license.

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